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I believe in the U. S. Constitution 100%. I think that the rules on EBT cards need to be in forced. I do not thing anyone in the U. S needs to go hungry but they need to show that they really need it by good rules.

There are many that do need it but there are some that are miss using it. I believe in God and believe that we should help the needs of the hungry and poor. I do have a problem when I see people using EBT cards and when I go to the parking lot see them driving a new car when I am not and work hard for what I have.

Now I do think that since I believe in the 2nd Amendment that the poor need a program that will buy them a gun or shotgun and some ammo for there protection if they do not have a criminal record.

I do not think that EBT cards are for booze or tobacco product or lottery tickets! It is for food!