MBR is a russian SKS. With iron sights i’m 6 inches at 200M (and can use stripper clips), also have a dust jacket with scopemounts and a shell deflector welded on (means i’m limited to the 5 shot internal mag) that gives me good to go ability to 400m which is about the limit of my training and the rifle.
Recoil is light enough I stay accurate over many shots + my wife can shoot it + it is almost as rugged as the AK (IMHO).

12 ga – mosberg 500 pump. Wide range of ammo

Assorted .22lr’s. My favorite is marlin semi-auto with a 10 shot under-barrel tube mag. With a laser dot sight this is also the rifle i would choose to give to someone who knows nothing – light, no recoil, and ability to put a decent weight of lead on a target in a short length of time.

A nice 30-06 bolt action that is more accurate than I am. I’m working on overcoming my gun shy with this. I should be able to get out to 750-800M with it, but may need to upgrade my scope. I’m also considering selling it, and getting a 223 bolt action to set up as a mid-range ‘sniper’ instead as I think I’m likely to be more accurate with a lighter recoil.

If i could only take one with me it would be the SKS.