I’m a bit of a pre-gunpowder nut.
At last count I had  2 2-handed swords, 3 short swords, 3 tomahawks, 3 long knives, 2 kukris, a parang, crossbow, long bow, a halbard, 3 warhammers (made myself), 1 flanged mace (made myself), 6+ other maces (homemade), several medieval style slings, 2 or 3 axes cut down to a viking broad axe shape, throwing knives, a flail, a bo staff, okinawan kama (twin sickles), and a few other bits and pieces . . .
some steel plate armour, some lighter splinted leather, and a bit of maile.
I do have a few things that go ‘bang’ too ;-)
Next on my list is a katar or cestus, a naginata and/or pole axe and some spear heads – got to get a forge back up and going – I’ve got several lead springs just begging to be made into something sharp and shiny.