Mr. Red
Mr. Red

<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Tolik wrote:</div>If you have never had Ramen , you have never been poor . Almost every student knows ramen well , but as a prep , its great .

And did it ever suck. But I did manage to get by haha.

Hot sauce always helps. Basically any veggies will also help make it suck less, as well as meats. Jerky of any sort, canned meats, fresh rabbit (I fried it first and seasoned it nicely. That was my favourite part of being at a college with thick forest right beside it so I could snare yummy critters).

Seasoning’s and herbs/spices always help make it a much more enjoyable meal. I personally like hot pepper flakes, garlic, pepper, typical stuff that you can, and should, stock up on.

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