You will note that I never said that his message wasn’t legitimate or useful. I did say that I’ve read and heard the same from other instructors,  meaning the message wasn’t bad, just the delivery.


As to all the LEO’s packing full auto, I can say that in my current county, the entire number is two. And both are in admin hands,  never to see daylight outside a range day.

My previous county, there were technically 7, but everyone had been converted to semi only, for liabiloty reasons.

How do I know? I work on the current county/city guns and previously I converted all the guns myself.

Most places avoid full auto like Harry Reid avoids the truth. This isn’t Hollywood.


I have no problem with what he’s teaching, but to reach a larger audience, like Tweva without putting them off, sometimes other methods work better.

In my past, I had several instructors such as Mr Mosby, and his instruction style would go over like oilly footprints on new white carpet around here.

If for no other reason than its a predominantly Mormon area.