Its the Nazi **** , that I think is very dangerous and should be crushed . Unraveling of the human genome was funded by the government ……………….why is that ?

Heil Hitler ! — Tolik

Dude, really?

Okay, look… I ain’t no Nazi. But, I do believe in eugenics.

Eugenics defined as:
n. noun
The study of hereditary improvement of the human race by controlled selective breeding.

Now, before you start accusing me of singing Deutschland Uber Alles and running around the house wearing SS lightning bolts, hear me out.

People – that is, humans – have been practicing eugenics for thousands of years. Males are programmed, hard-wired, to choose a mate based on certain criteria. For instance, wide hips makes childbirth easier. Large breasts means a plentiful food supply for newborns and infants. Symmetrical features indicate health, as do other features such as height, musculature, etc. Females are programmed to choose a mate based on traditional masculine traits – tall, strong, broad shoulders, square strong jawline, symmetrical features – all the things that indicate health, which translates into strong children – propagation of the species. Other things also come into play, such as intelligence, status, etc. We’ve been practicing soft eugenics for thousands of years on our own. It’s what humans do.

Until recently. Now, thanks to advances in the medical field and an overabundance of food means that the best traits are not being passed on. People with hereditary diseases, thanks to modern medicine, are now kept alive instead of dying, which ensures that their hereditary disease is passed on to their offspring. Populations are kept at way above carrying capacity by food donations, ensuring that when the crash comes, it will be that much worse.

In short, through the efforts of modern medicine and clueless do-gooders, we have bred sickness and disease into the gene poole, weakening us. We are also awash with largely low-IQ mouthbreathers whose sole purpose in life seems to be to consume as many resources as possible, all the while producing as many low-IQ mouthbreathing offspring as possible. Our system, hell the WORLD is groaning under their combined weight.

In nature, when a population of animals has a sick member, they usually die off and do not pass on their sickness or disease. When the same population of animals exceeds their carrying capacity, there is a dieoff – only the smartest and strongest survive – and balance is restored and the health and robustness of the animals is ensured. Feeding that population of animals, keeping the sick alive, inflating their numbers and sustaining them artificially isn’t doing them any favors in the long run. Eventually, those efforts will end and there will be a massive dieoff.

Now, I’m pretty much done. You are, of course, free to flame me out of existence. But I’m not a National Socialist… or any other kind of socialist.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1