Hey! What’s with all this busting on the smart guys?

In case you all forget, it was the “smart guys” which gave you all the tech you currently enjoy – from mundane stuff like electric lights and flush toilets to high speed tech like your cell phone and the ‘puters you are typing on…

I ain’t disagreeing with any particular point you all made, just sayin that when things go to ****, you will be truly blessed to have one or more of those nerdy smart guys around… the ones who know how to make insulin and/or penicillin, or an ME or EE or a CE around to help put the basic machines together that make the stuff you need, or design a dam or a bridge or a load bearing retaining wall… a Chemist would be nice, as well as an MD… theoretical physicists? Not so much.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1