I will pay you the compliment of being blunt.

My last enlistment was as an MP. I’ve stacked on the door, apprehended offenders, done walking patrols where the main goal is meet-n-greet the folks who live in the community and so create bonds between “them” and “us” – the whole “proactive policing” thing… I’ve worked patrols in some of the shittiest, most violent places in Central America, endured riots and eventually ended up a PSD puke – a glorified bullet catcher with cool toys – for some very important people, including SecDef.

And here’s the blunt part – most cops, I loathe. The “them” vs “us” mentality. They refer to citizens as “mundanes” and have nothing but sneering contempt for them. I return the favor. Our police have become what the Founders feared the most – a standing army.

Militarized, with body armor, Kevlar, chemical weapons, explosives, automatic weapons us mere mortals aren’t allowed to possess unless we have every orifice inspected by the Almighty Government – even me, who held a TSSCI clearance, has to submit to this, while “the police” – including some rube with a HS education, a badge and a gun and not much else – don’t have to. They have tanks. WTF does a police department need with a goddamned TANK? And don’t blow smoke up my ass with that “hostage rescue” or “necessary for the safety of citizens” BS… ain’t nobody buying that hot garbage. Bunch of ‘roided-up thugs is what they are. Street gangs all dress the same, speak in their own language, all go armed, all will rob you and WILL kill you given the right circumstances. And how is this different than the average police force? The only difference is that “police” rob and kill citizens under color of law. And they have nicer toys. (I find it darkly funny that the concept of the Olde Tyme “Peace Officer” is dead and gone, replaced by some thug with a badge who – armed with at least two firearms, a tazer, an ASP, body armor, a shotgun in the rack in the front seat and a true select-fire automatic Assault Rifle in the trunt, PLUS a radio to call for his friends if he gets stuck – that that guy would be so “afraid” of an unarmed citizen that they will beat them unconscious while yelling “STOP RESISTING!”, as if that bullshit weak-sauce Jedi Mind Trick is going to convince anyone watching his actions.

(Read recently about some narcotics puke who curb-stomped a innocent, handcuffed, unarmed man in his own kitchen because “he was afraid”. Of course, Mr. Badass in his ninja suit, he had a loaded shotgun pointed at the guy he curb stomped – but he felt the need to stomp him so hard, he knocked out teeth, impacted other teeth and broke the guy’s jaw… it was so egregious that another one of the ninja’s actually broke the Blue Line and testified against Mr. Badass during the trial… and Mr. Badass, the dirtbag who curb-stomped an innocent man, even with testimony incriminating him – he walked away scott free. Free to stomp more handcuffed, unarmed citizens at the point of his shotgun…reading **** like that makes me physically ill. And it’s NOT an “isolated incident”).

You look at Mosby and sniff about his use of blue language, as if that somehow negates his message or what he is trying to teach. An ad hominem attack if ever there was one. I look at him and see in him the same cut of cloth my old instructors were cut from – crusty old Nam vets who drilled lessons into our heads every day in an effort to keep us alive. I can look past the harsh language and see what Mosby is teaching, realizing that he and a few others like him are trying to impart knowledge and skills to folks who don’t possess them – skills that will be needed in the very near future.

The military mindset isn’t applicable to every situation. That’s not what Mosby is teaching. What he’s teaching is how to meet violence with violence and defeat your opponent. It’s not hostage rescue or a cat in a tree or some douche on a ledge threatening to jump… There is no one way to meet every situation, and Mosby knows that. He’s not saying anything like that.

A shame that your takeaway from his article is that his message isn’t legitimate because of the language he uses and that you misinterpret what he’s saying as a “one size fits all” solution for a complex world…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1