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Depending upon what the event will be there may still be lead available through recycling centers (we have a large one here) junk yards and tire places provided there is still safe access there. However, this is one reason why in the past couple of years I have increased my collection of lead from wheel weights and have been melting them down into ingots. The ingots are about 5 pounds each and stack nicely for storage. They also are grooved so they can be broken into approx 1-2 lb ingots. As I need to make bullets I melt down only what it required. I have been trading some loaded cartridges for more lead. After SHTF this may also prove to be an even better bartering item – either lead or loaded – but i think loaded cartridges will be more desirable (and immediately useful). Honestly with the recent (and on going) ammo shortage and increase in prices my source is extremely happy when I give him 50 loaded cartridges for more than a hundred pounds of lead. Lead is not immediately useful, but the cartridges are. So it has been a good deal for both since I have the capacity to turn scrap lead into bullets and bullets into loaded cartridges. After SHTF I think people may even give more lead for fewer cartridges for the same reason.