Words from the Mother of Jesus:


I will describe the future events clearly and the forces that will shape them.  I will pull back all the veils so that the whole world knows how deeply I love the human race and all that I want to do for mankind.  I must reveal the very depths of my Immaculate Heart so that everyone says, “Why should we not go there?  What is holding us back from such treasures?”

In this way, many will see my love because they know my secrets.  They will join with others in this search, like companions on a journey.  In this way, they will not lose their way nor grow discouraged.  Also, they will discover so much more.  What one finds, all will possess and their joys will multiply.

I will begin from the grassroots and, with the new means of social media, this can spread like wildfire.  Come, I invite all of you.  Listen to my song.  Read my locutions.  Let them claim your heart.  I will speak every day to the whole world.  Share these locutions with others.  They will join your hearts.  As your hearts are joined in my words, I will inspire you as to what steps you must take to increase this treasure.  The beginnings will seem small but, after a few months, you will realize the great gifts contained in your small steps of faith.

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