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We’re still getting plenty of wheel weights for bullets. There is more steel, plastic and zinc mixed in than there used to be and they manufacturers are actually phasing out lead for wheel weights, so in time this will no longer be an option. But for now it is with a bit more sorting than in the past. Another trick which can be used to harden the lead bullets is to drop them directly into a bucket of water from the mold. This tempers the lead and makes it harder than just allowing it to cool. You can also add just a little linotype to the molten lead from wheel weights and this will help. Everyone I know that shoots 50,000 handgun rounds or more a year molds their own lead bullets and reloads the cases for money savings. Guys who shoot tens of thousands of rounds a year are either rich or reload or both (most are not rich). My brother is in the wheel business so I have him collect the wheel weights for me and I trade him loaded ammo for his time and effort. I shoot mostly all copper bullets these days for hunting or copper-lead bonded. I am not interested in spending the time and effort needed to make these bullets myself. For practice & for matches I still use copper core lead bullets. The only guys I know who actually make their own copper bullets do so to have specific bullets for a specific rifle for long range precision (sniper & match) work. They are not shooting thousands of these each year but are shooting targets a long range and want specific performance and accuracy for their specific needs. Each of these guys also has built their own precision rifle also so they have specific abilities that most people do not have.