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Irish – I agree 100%.  I believe that true friends are almost irreplaceable once formed for a SHTF scenario.  Some even exceed family members contributions because they usually see eye to eye with you due to the forging that the friendship went through to get to that point – whereas family who don’t live and/or hang out regularly will definitely have their own ideas that may be a 180 from yours.  If friends disagree, at least they will point it out for discussion and be willing to compromise to support you.  As a military member, I’ve had the opportunity to have the luxury of being put in situations that lead to these types of friendships – not many, but a few.  I can name four that I would do anything for and sure they would do same in return.  We routinely discuss SHTF situations among world events and politics.  My only problem is we are separated by several hours for two and 2000 miles for the other two.  Hard to plan a muster location for us all.

Also agree with what passes today as “friends” for many of the younger generation.  The “idiot box” type of websites have led to a generation of people who don’t have real conversations.  Lack of real interaction leads to only superficial friendships that are never tested past the first shallow degree.  I’ve still got a “dumb phone” and people think that I’m a dinosaur.  Maybe I am, but I see a more destructive side of always being “plugged in”.  Only real conversations have led me to find out about pending divorces, the affect of deaths or combat, parenting difficulties, etc. which has led to support for those individuals and occasionally a friendship emerges.

Thanks for the post.  K

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