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Long term it would be a painful event but my children would be taken care of. I am fortunate that my wife’s parents, her brother and his wife and us all live on the same piece of property. Their schools are about 4 miles straight down our road and they are side by side. In a natural disaster they would shelter in place if possible and wait for one of our family members to come pick them up or they could walk home if they had to. What concerns me more now is the “lockdowns” that are becoming more common at schools these days. My kids do not have their own cell phones right now but if there is an after school event I send a pay by the month phone I have with them so they can call us when they need to be picked up. The more I see at schools these days the more I am leaning towards giving the older 2 their own phones. I have 3 girls 14,12 and 6. We have not discussed this topic a whole lot but they know their way home if need be.