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Gypsy, great topic – made me think about my own situation and what I wish I had done more.  My two boys are 20 something and my daughter is 17.  I wish that I had involved them more in the camping, vehicle maintenance, use of tools, etc. that I learned by shadowing my father.  Unfortunately, I let them take the easy way out and become glued to the “idiot boxes” of gaming, TV, whatever.  They all have plenty of common sense, but had I drug them along to learn more and cut out some entertainment time to discuss things like this, I would feel a lot more comfortable.

When they are still little (0-12), I think this shows how important it is to have a “group” somewhat solidified for the IF the SHTF event happens.  Obviously, those in the group would be approved by you and probably family members or really close friends that would be able to take the kids in and care for them as their own.  No matter how much you know or how far back in the woods you get that “lightening strike” freak accident can do you in and leave your family on their own.

Thanks again – great food for thought.  K

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