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WhiteKnight, I studied medicine in Dominican Republic in 1978 and finished in 1982, I do not practice medicine anymore. But what I ran into in that Country was many that were part of the Communist party there.

I once went to a party and the Communist were all there talking about how great Communism is and all were driving new cars. So I told them to please give me the keys to all there cars, they gave me the look(crazy dude look) . So I said is you are all real Communist then you need to give me the keys so I can sell them and give the money equally to all the poor in this country. So they stopped talking and left the party. They were not true Communist!  True Dictators, that want to take from everyone! They use the books on the poor in these countries and the poor do not have anything so they believe in what they read about Communism.

That is why when I see one I call them Communist Dictator!