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Ah but Matt, Selco sited just one example where it did happen to a man! Yes, men are just as likely, IMHO/no experience, but good ability to project opinion, to be ‘taken’ hostage. This is a ‘power’ move extraordinaire and not uncommon in extreme civil unrest SHTF scenarios. And, PLEASE ALL YOU MALES, crawl out of your own perspective of BBB, guns, bullets etc and just ‘try’, and I know it is hard, but try and put yourself in the position also of your female group/family members. I was attacked/I was raped – in this country – by no one I knew – in my own home both times.( I do/did not live at the time in ‘the projects’. See my post/topic of disguise for females). If you love them – PLEASE think outside your own perspective into theirs and the many uglies that will be more than happy to take advantage of the hole in your planning in this regard. I live with the scars of these incidents still despite much work…and it is mild now…but the ghost of it all is still there despite years of effort. Would not wish it on anyone much less another woman. And yourselves, for males, seriously? You don’t think some gang leader/members would not delight in taking you and making you their ‘slave’/ putting you on display? What happens in prisons? Get real. Really.