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1974 wrote:
Jay, It’s hard to predict because events like the Bundy affair in Nevada are planned by portions of the government. That was something that could have spiraled out of control. Two things are cooking and may boil over. Connecticut gun laws requiring registration of semi auto rifles. The law created about 200,000 new criminals. Enforcement of the law will start something violent. The same thing is going to happen in the state of New York.

Quick correction, the conservative estimate is 350,000! And in New York I can tell you that as a resident here, things are definitely bubbling beneath the surface. The NY Safe Act (new unconstitutional gun control that was literally rammed into effect in the dark of night through the misuse of emergency procedures) is widely hated and many law enforcement are refusing to enforce it.

It wouldn’t really be so much a civil war as a revolution… because leftist/statist/commie citizens won’t fight for their ideals. Hell, they won’t even take responsibility for their own safety! It will be the DHS and other govt troops vs the armed populace and anyone who sides with them. The potential is very real though, if u ask me.