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Thanks so much Matt! But, I myself, (and I admit I know nothing) feel/see Mother Nature ‘on the move’/patterns forming that no one seems to be (ok not many) taking notice of. I guess, i.e. ‘Mother Nature’ ain’t happy with we humans, ‘She’ stands near or close to the hand of ‘God’/whomever runs the world IMHO. Plan and project scenarios all one wishes, better, (to me) to watch MN! I look at the aggregate and I am wondering what are all my preps for in view of her power? Plot the earthquakes, volcanoes erupting/coming to life and other calamities like drought and etc – I see MN speaking (don’t claim to know what she means specifically). I DON’T mean ‘global warming’…I mean MN natural cycles and ways she must use (IMHO) to communicate to us ‘specks’. OK I may be weird in my thinking I admit. But I am seeing patterns and it is worrisome.