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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Selco wrote:</div>On a higher note. I was wondering if more people “suffer” from depriving themselves from listening to music. I tend to sometimes not listen to music at night, simply because I want to hear if someone is trying to break into the house. With a small house in quiet neighborhood this is probably not a problem. But a big house in the city, you need to be alert. After a hard day I do need to relax, but always tend to turn the music down..

Leopard – check the recent (yesterday)’Music’ thread.Yes, music has more roles and plays more parts in our lives than we tend to think about.For me…for some reason now, I prefer silence most of the time…I ‘hear’ things/myself ? and some thoughts that have been amazingly useful/productive when not ‘distracted’/having the music flowing over me.

In your situation I am sure, some calm soothing music would be a balm to your soul. God Bless you