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A lot of South Africans have immigrated to NZ and Australia.. for safety reasons.  One I know told me that he still has trouble believing that his wife could be safe when she walks their dogs on a beach alone in the evenings after work.  Our beaches are often deserted.  Unthinkable in South Africa.

They often have to take lower paid jobs, and low quality housing.  NO SERVANTS….:-).  They have to do the housework now !  One familys young daughter was complaining about their new harder life in NZ.  The mother told me… How do you tell an eight year old  girl that you did this for her… so that she would not get raped… and probably get Aids.    The young girl was unhappy at school as she had no friends.  I told the mother to ask the teacher to asign some nice girls to be her friend , and help her adjust.  I said it was the teachers job to do this but she probably wouldn’t unless asked.   It worked and the girl quickly settled in and became happy.. she was a friendly girl… but strangers are often not accepted quickly into a new “society”.