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My two cents…

God would destroy America for the purpose of ‘putting down a mad dog.’ He doesn’t really want to destroy the nation, but he knows all born within it will be taken from him if he does not destroy it by the time it becomes that evil. Could he simply force everyone to love him? Sure, but he wants us to FREELY CHOOSE to love him. In keeping with free will, his only real option is to devastate the nation to kill the evil and regain our attention! He doesn’t want to lose a single person to Satan.

He is a God of love at the same time he is a God of justice.

I also saw on here how the Church went from Patriarchal to Matriarchal. Yes, it was in the 1960’s… and once again, Mary warned us of this. If you read about what she told sister Lucia of Fatima, she told her three secrets. One was a terrifying vision of Hell. The second secret was a statement that World War I would end, along with a prediction of another war during the reign of Pope Pius XI, should men continue offending God and should Russia not convert. The second half requests that Russia be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart.

The third secret was to be opened ‘after 1960′. When asked why, she stated that ‘because it would be more clear by then.’ She is predicting/referring to the apostasy of the Catholic Church, which was the ‘softening’ of its laws. In interviews conveniently withheld from wikipedia and many other sites (though Ive found them before) sister Lucia confirms that it is about apostasy. Also not on wikipedia, interestingly enough, is what Lucia received from Mary on one of the apparitions. ‘If Russia is not consecrated to my heart and thus converted… the errors of Russia will spread throughout all the World [Communism… welcome to Amerika] and whole nations would be annihilated.

Much of this is from memory but I assure you it’s not fabricated. I’m sure I got some of the wording wrong so don’t quote directly.

Ps, I am deeply disturbed… 2 years ago I found this info very easily. Now it is like searching for gold….I believe they’re suppressing it.