Sorry but I’ve read similar/better from other and dare I say, less foul instructors.

Yes there is a place for ‘blue language’ but hardly appropriate in an informative article unless discussing tactical swearing.

I spent 10 years behind a badge, I’ve heard it all, been called everything under the sun, you can’t offend me with your language. However, if the only vocabulary you have is profanity, I tend to wonder how little you actually know when your vocabulary is so limited.

As for military service, it is commendable but doesn’t always convert to ‘real life’ situations.
I’ve worked and dealt with a number of vets in various situations, and there have been a number of ‘civilian’ situations where the military mindset and thought process were completely wrong.

Several classes I’ve attended and put on, I’ve had ex-mil guys show up with full out tactical gear, ready for taking Mogadishu rather than dealing with a home invader or skunk at 3am. Great for post-SHTF battles over canned peaches I’m sure, but hardly appropriate for much of real life.

Choosing the appropriate gear, tools and even language is something everyone has to deal with.

As to the appropriate use of violence, getting used to violence or more accurately, getting your mindset to the point of being able to commit violence does take some time and often some effort. For some, they just aren’t going to get to that point. My youngest is not going to be one who will be ‘violent’, she just doesn’t have it in her, my eldest daughter? Katy bar the door, don’t let her out. She ever lets go, it isn’t going to be pretty for anyone.