“Old age and treachery (experience + planning) will prevail over youth and strength (and inexperience/impulsiveness)”.  If we use our heads…and experience.

This is not to say we should not exercise and prep, practice and learn constantly.  I’m 71 and go to the gym 3x a week, garden manually, shoot fairly often, etc. Can still shoot a tight group at the range…

But yes, I have to wear reading glasses.  So I have several pairs, in the BOB, BOV and the house.  Also sports-straps around my neck so they don’t get lost if they fall off my nose.  (The dogmushers in Alaska had big fur over-mitts over their regular gloves when on the trail.  They were attached to a lanyard around behind their neck, so if they had to shuck them quickly–to right a sled or untangle a dog fight–they were still there to use, not lost in the snow.  Same principle.)

Someone on another forum suggested having several pairs in higher strengths for the future.  A thought.