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When it comes to a fight I’d rather fight a young guy than old. My dad had a few sayings that were worth remembering. “To old to run, hurts too much to fight, I’ll just shoot you” and ” You may have youthand speed on me but jjust remember old men don’t fight fare.” A lot of the older folks today grew up in harder times and have a wealth of knowledge that they may have forgotten about.

Another thing to help with exercise is as simple as adding steps to your day. Some people are very busy and find it hard to make time to work out. Instead of driving to the mailbox walk. Put your cell on the other side of the room if you are in an office. You will be less tempted to text or other distractions and you will have to walk a little to answer the phone. Take stairs instead of the elevator. These extra steps add up at the end of a day and something is beter than nothing