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Thanks Malgus for the link to Mosby. I’m don’t like to think I am a delicate flower. Not having been in the military however it is hard for me to understand why the culture seems to have developed so much swearing and be-littleing (is that even a word?) manner used to communicate. I’m not critical of it, and sometimes yes it is funny and makes me laugh. But as I say, never having been in the military, I would be hard pressed to speak or write in the same manner, the ‘lingo’. He creates unnecessary division sometimes in this manner – and that’s too bad. He has much to share.

I certainly admire Mosby, and am impressed with his background – no doubt he has experience to be learned from as I did from his article. But personally I wonder if he might not be ten times more effective and reach and educate more people if he ‘spoke’ in his writings in a ‘quieter’ voice. His background speaks for itself – it is deadly. In my mind, although I know you enjoy it being ex-military yourself, if he left out the ‘morons’ and most of the swearing he’d be much easier to read. It is jarring (not shocking or off putting necessarily). It’s the constant use perhaps?

I think that is why the Dirty Harry movies were so popular – the character – you knew his abilities no questions. But he spoke softly (ha – most of the time) yet carried a very big stick. Just my cheap two cents