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I used to spend a great deal of time in my youth playing several instruments in bands and chorale groups. Can’t remember the names of the books, but remember reading several that discussed research into the effects of different types of music (not the style per se, but the construction of it so to speak) on people and one book, in particular, on crowds of people. Never forgot it. The books described some of the similarities in different countries ‘war’ music as I recall.

Ever since then I try to be aware of what music I listen to after reading these books and watching myself and the effects certain music would have on me. I can definitely change my mood and energy level and clarity of thought simply by changing the music I expose myself to.

Music is vibration, vibration creates energy and the energy effects the cells in my body is how I think about it. It is as important almost to me as the choosing the food that I eat.

Mostly I prefer quiet and silence. If I choose music while I work non-physically it is usually Mozart. If I need to ramp up my energy level quickly I choose favorites that have a strong, quick ‘beat’ – my mother used to call it my ‘peppy’ music! I will no longer listen to any sad, soulful, ballad or country western music. Simply, because I have watched my own self, and for me, I don’t like the effect it has on me or the turn it makes my thoughts take.

In the past music has been used my those in power to sway the masses…I just choose to listen now only to what effects me positively ifI listen at all any more.