Never too late to get fit and stay healthy. Im 33 now and staying healthy is number one on my list of priorities. I had really bad times when I was simply weak because I was too much in front of the computer… the thing people have to realize is that with energy everything starts.

Without energy you are not motivated to get other things done and this ends up in a downward spiral. If you do a bit of exercise you dont need coffee and other uppers. You just have energy the whole day. Eating more healthy and lighter food also prevents you from getting tired after eating.

The proper care and feeding of humans is a whole science but with a bit of common sense, getting into more exercise and healthy eating habits step by step, is one of the best things every survivalist could and should do.

I stick mostly to a paleo diet, run and do bodyweight exercises and some stretching (our ancestors were actually really really flexible from all the manual work they did).

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")