Thanks Tweva it is good article with lot of info.

I read somewhere long time ago, about some guy who went to war, had high reasons for that, saving humanity and all that, fighting for peace. Then he went into the first gunfight, and when bullets start to fly, and people start to die around him ,wounded guys screams he suddenly understand whole point of the war , whole point of the mess around him and he yelled “OH my God, they are trying to KILL ME !!!”

I like the story, it have big truth in it. Everything else is not important when people want to kill you, you have only one cause-to survive.

I knew guys who have been captured, imprisoned by enemy group, some of them have been kept as a some kind of slaves, and I can say that every possible preparation has been stripped to pure survival, and doing anything in order to stay alive until the day when they can be free.

In short, stay small and quiet, obey and wait for chance to run away.
I am talking about some SHTF kidnapping and imprisoning, not about Geneva convention war prisoners.

One guy told me that they beat him regularly, every night almost at the same time, and one night when they left him alone he said he suddenly felt real love for them, even he knew in same time it is crazy, it was simple so huge relief.

It is good topic Tweva, worth of discussion.