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Wild hog skin is indeed very tough. It could be tanned and used for something designed for high abrasion. Wild hogs generally have a lot of parasites like ticks, lice or fleas on their skin. I don’t think I would try to make a food item out of it.
Some Native American groups would use the thick shoulder section of a large boar hide for a shield. The thick gristley layer of skin was like concrete when dried, great for stopping arrows and even some light black powder rounds.

There was a Mexican family that lived behind us when I was young that made pork rinds from pig skin. These were domestic pigs not wild. They would take a large metal tub and build a fire under it. They would use 5 gallons of peanut oil, a gallon of orange juice and some other seasonings and fry the meat and skin in it after it haf been cut up in small strips. It was really good.