I agree with Malgus, there wont be any invasions of either west europe or the US. No need for that. Russia is acting like a bit of a lose dog but Putin played his game “well” so far. Its not nice but it works and nobody stops him.

If you also look at how the worldwide population develops… in 50 years the old “west” will be just about 10% of the overall population. Looking at economic development of the rising nations such as China and India and their rapidly growing middle classes the power is and will keep shifting towards Asia while the middle class in the old western countries will get smaller and more people will become poor and a few rich.

In the best case scenario the old west keeps focusing on high quality and innovative products but if you look at worldwide education rankings the Asian countries also crush the competition.

I have no idea what is going to happen once the mainstream public realizes how things have changed. Some people won’t come to terms that their country isnt what it was supposed to be anymore. I hope until then localized economies have been established and people understand what matters in life. This could result in less buying of unnecessary crap from overseas and instead buying of fewer items with higher quality from local manufacturers.

This is the only way forward I see right now.

Besides some mad action from Putin, if I would have to name some of my worries what could threaten worldwide peace, it would be the influence of the military industrial complex. They thrive on war, their business is war and fixing things once they are destroyed.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")