The Saiga can be a decent shotgun, but most need as much tuning as a 1911 to run at full potential. If I never work on another, I will be happy.

The shotgun as a general purpose combat arm?

There was a time I might have bought into that, not so much anymore. several shotgun courses and real life made me rethink scattergun use.

My current home, I can see shots well over 100y, and I’m in town. The scattergun and slugs can make that shot, but not as easily as a rifle or carbine. Nor as accurately.

And if you’re worried about armor? Even the homemade stuff sheds even buckshot easily while rifle bullets tend to shred it nicely.

In its place the shotgun is great, out of context? It fails miserably.

I keep a scattergun by the door, but no extra ammo than what’s on or in it. If it runs dry, I have other loaded guns and the wife will have her rifle by then. As a static defense gun, they’re great, as an entry gun, great. After that, not as good.