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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY0bVKPurQ0  failure to load= dead in firefight now fixed but before non trigger reset. you pump gun hold down trigger and then  trigger does not work … also a serious problem, the front grip  when using the pump release was in front of the trigger housing so you can pinch your finger while holding down the pump release and pumping.


those are how the first models shipped … that to me is a crappy weapon it is basically non functional  out of the box. you can have 14 rounds but if non shoot  you have a club. releasing such a weapon means they have terrible testing. My two cents


yes it is fixed now  but how can you ship something so untried must have  people in marketing from Microsoft lol ship it and fix  um patch later  cool another undocumented feature

I am glad both of you have had  good working pieces from them