Sooooooooooooooo when we pull **** similar to this with other countries , its ok ????

and when other countries do it to us , its not ok ??????????

At some point people , all our bullshit we have been doing for the past several decades is going to come back to haunt us in a big way …………in the state we are in now , it will be sooner rather than later ………time for the 2nd Roman empire to fall . Its coming if we stay on our present course . I do believe they are planning something together , but the objectives may not be what exactly what we think they are .

China and Russia have always been uneasy allies , they dont fully trust each other , and now that Russia is no longer Communist , it may be more out of connivence more than anything else , in order to swing the pendulum in a direction more favorable to both , at this point , we can be defeated and ruined without a shot being fired , destroy our economy , we are done . Our people are not the same people that marched off to fight WW2 , we dont have the will to win a serious conflict from the home front perspective , that is another product of constant , fruitless conflicts with nothing to show for them over the several decades . Everybody is sick of wars that we never win . Both C&R know this also .