I agree that his climbing and such are not “survival” but are for show.
Does it take from the program? Perhaps, but if it keeps someone’s attention long enough for them to remember one little tidbit that saves their life? Maybe it was worth it.

As I said, I prefer Ray Mears and Les Stroud, both are much more reality based and avoid much of the docu-drama that so infects TV, at least as much as possible.

“Pure Survival” is not fun, not pretty and not gonna get good ratings.
Much like most hunting shows condense 3-4 days of hunting into a 30 minute clip.
Eliminate the boredom, get more viewers and sponsors.

I used to mind the “antics” a lot more, then I started working with Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, I came to realize that the attention must be caught and held to teach. In this case, he has to go to some great lengths to do so.