This is a very informative post.  Learned a  lot–thanks!

I carry a Ken Onion folder everywhere in my jeans pocket (except the Co Courthouse when I applied for my CCW :) ).  Lightweight, 4″ smooth+serrated blade, not the ideal survival knife, but good.   Also, carry a small knife sharpener in my purse–about 2″x2″.  Might put it on a keychain so it’s always on my person.  Thanks for everyone who mentioned “on your person” in their posts.  Nothing is useful if it’s not available.

But, any good knife is useful if you have the space.  While we were in Alaska, I skinned two moose (and deboned them) with a little Cutco paring knife.  It was the sharpest in the cabin at the time…  Didn’t cut through bone, just the joints.

Heard the saying about an old-timer asked what the most important tool was.  “A good knife”.  The second?  “Something to sharpen it with, of course.”  This was a great post, thanks again.