Not all of us can carry a belt knife 24/7.
Hence the folders.
In the field, or post SHTF, sure but right now?
Gonna get some looks at the grocery store.

We recently spent the weekend at some local cabins.
Not taking my truck also, cramming all the kids into one vehicle I left some gear behind.
My hatchet, shingling hammer and Ontario “Spec-Plus” Machete were all some 55 miles away.

Luckily there was ample firewood both inside and stacked outside the cabins.
But it was firewood, not a scrap of tinder or kindling to be found, and it was snowing, everything was moist or wet.

The boys were requested to make a fire, they quickly had a pile of smouldering sawdust but not much more.
Me, I’m off to the side making fuzz sticks and shavings with my belt knife. Then I started batoning some kindling out of a split log. Pretty soon they gave up and went to start fires in the three cabin stoves. I had the fire going within minutes with a mere two matches (could have used one but I like insurance). The boys had again gotten a smouldering mess going in the girls cabin, so it’s more shavings and tinder, more batoning.

Looks like it’s time for a refresher fire starting night.

I keep a number of knives handy, both folders and fixed blades.
On me always, a SAK and Kershaw Leek.
Most of the time, an old Gerber Bolt-Action folder in it’s belt pouch.
In the war bag right next to the survival gear and the spare ammo/mags, the Benchmade Nimravus.

And in my ‘gear bag’, my belt knife.

It’s a James Largent custom with a 5.5″ blade, I picked up a number of his knives before I had kids and was a bit more flush.
Worth every penny, I don’t travel anywhere without it.

Every knife got used that weekend, the SAK for cutting string (scissors and the 9yo), the Leek for opening some food packages, the Bolt-Action in the kitchen when the wife needed a good sharp knife, and the Largent for everything else.

I subscribe to the different tools for different jobs theory.
The Leek has been used to cut fine trap/snare triggers, the SAK everything.
The Bigger knives? Bigger jobs.

After that weekend, some rearranging was done, the “machete” and shingling hammer went into the wife’s vehicle, the Gerber Aussie Bowie in mine to go with the hatchet.

Janowsky’s folder (800S) is a single blade model. Not a multi-tool, stockman style or SAK.
A simple but elegant folder, his model is the half serrated model of this: