Not to pick nits, but we carried extra ammo in carriers that snapped shut. I notice that dude has all his spare ammo in a handy carrier right at his belt buckle. They’re all poking up where he can get at them easily. That’s pretty Hollywood.

No offense, but ‘combat’ is a lot more than just standing there like a statue shooting low-brass rounds at paper targets. If you carry all your spare ammo exposed, right at your belt buckle, well… it just doesn’t seem like a good idea. You’re low crawling, laying down, being as small as possible. That exposed ammo would get knocked loose at a minimum and lost, or fouled with debris, which you would then load into your shotgun (if you weren’t paying attention). Crud in gun = bad.

I have a leather cuff on my dedicated shotgun. It holds 4 rounds of high-brass buckshot and one slug. Anything I need after that is carried in a canvas musette bag. Buckshot in front, slugs in the rear, and they’re just dumped in there loose.

What I’d like to see is dude develop some type of protocol for quick reloading during realistic scenarios. And why not teach your students to count rounds? We always did. If you lost count at some point, dump your mag and reload. If you had a shotgun and lost count, cram as many rounds in it as you can and keep going…

I admit that his field-expedient method of chucking a round in if you need it and you’re empty has merit. I might adopt that. But I’d also like to see him at least use realistic gear. Perhaps he’s using that system for maximum speed, so folks say “WOW! That was fast! I think I’ll pay him money and attend his classes.”

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1