I can say I don’t care for his #2 at all. We should return to the original Intent of the Constitution. Change the way the Senate is selected back to the original process, using the House of each State to pick each State’s Senators.

Throw out all the Established Laws based on court decisions and start fresh. Make make Supreme Court decisions review-able by the senate and house. Make Supreme Court Justices Impeachable.

Remove the power of Executive Orders, Remove the war powers act. Remove all Agencies and Departments not enumerated in the Constitution. Return these powers to the states.

Just for starters.

You should run for president.

Periodical complete resets of governments would make a lot of sense. There should also be something like an evaluation period in which processes and priorities are assessed and tested according to proper scientific research methods.

That way the influence of corporations and big money on politics could be reduced and we would end up with a government that works for the people and not those who have most money.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")