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There are two areas of alternate therapy  that works  that are never mentioned  one is use of ozone other is of electric fields, EBOO  and liquid ozone are effective against all foes including viral nothing stands up to them even


EBOO or Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation</b> is a unique hemofiltration-like procedure developed and now used routinely in the medical department at the University of Siena in Italy,< and in outpatient clinics in Malaysia and Japan.

EBOO combines modern membrane dialysis used to treat heart, kidney and liver failure with, ozone therapy historically a popular alternative therapy in mainland Europe, the evidence base for which had long been questioned by western medicine. Extensive testing of EBOO has revealed no toxicity or side effects in sheep or human volunteers.EBOO is designed to amplify the therapeutic benefits reported of Autohemotherapy (O3-AHT) by treating a greater volume of blood (4 litres/hr) at a lower ozone concentration (<20 μg/ml).

A clinical trial of EBOO showed it to be more effective in the treatment of peripheral artery disease than prostacyclin. Further trials are currently underway for heart disease and stroke patients for which preliminary reports of ozone treatment have been positive

Clinical trials of Celacade, another blood ozonation treatment, have reported similar benefits in chronic heart failure.

EBOO is also reported to have remedied necrotizing fasciitis, an often fatal bacterial infection resistant to antibiotics. Ozone’s anti-bacterial and viral properties have been employed successfully in water purification. The International Society of Blood Purification has recognized EBOO as warranting clinical investigation as a viral load reducing treatment. Ozone has been shown to disinfect extracorporeal blood of viruses.<

Oxygenators designed for heart surgery and kidney dialysis may not suitable for EBOO. Due to the oxidative nature of ozone, the filter components and membranes will block up and inhibit the effective exchange of gas, possibly releasing toxic compounds into the circulating blood.An economical ozone resistant gas exchange device (L001) has been specifically designed for the ozonation of human blood during extra-corporeal circulation.

EBOO is not yet available in any English speaking countries.

the other electrical device is called a rife machine but i am sure it is of a tesla design of which most notes where taken upon his death. At very least it is along same lines

There is lots of controversy about the machine,  i have  one and used for decent success, no it is not clinical trials and only of  family members getting better and general sense of well being. I believe the machine helped and i am not a medical professional so take it for what it is worth.