I also have a few broad swords, Spartan sword, true Japanese katana(not the cheap stainless crap, but a WW2 bring-back), kukri, Mexican machete(heavy blade, and sharp as a razor), tomahawk, and knives galore. I also learned from a blacksmith the art of blade making. Not a hard job, but time consuming.
Other weapons include the spiked club, mace(not the spray kind), broad axe, and war club.

Thanks for putting your profile picture into context :)

This is the type of bayonet I had in mind.. triangular in cross section, forged steel. Mounted on the end of an oak or ash stave about 6 or 7 feet long, it would be formidable…

I didnt think about bayonets yet. As soon as we get all the documents ready we are most likely getting a shotgun, so a bayonet for that would also make a lot of sense.

For the spearheads, I look for something a bit more broad with an sharp edge on the side, so they can also be used as more sturdy digging sticks or to cut things from a distance.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")