sunday 12 30 pm. found civilization…been out of reach for a month. gee i smell funny, and my cloths now sudenly look dirty, woah i could use a shave, concrete feels funny to walk on, wow the noise is incredible.. i guess i did lose some weaght, holy cow 28$ for a fish in the store..garbage all over the place, rude people keep bumping into me and giving me dirty looks, and why is everyone staring at me? too many people im going back to the bush…. my lap top will be re booted next week i hope, ill poke my head out then and see bout posting my log…. good day everyone… Ahbou-Daddy and the Dang Nabbits on the trail of them darn nuggets, cariboo gold rush trail…

Tell us more! :) What have you been up to?

I just came back yesterday from a short retreat at a friends place. I was just working and not much online and we had some bbqs in the evening. Good and productive time. Have to settle back in today.

Lots of thunderstorms coming through but I enjoy this. Its pretty cozy at home today and Im a bit tired of talking so much with friends the last couple of days. (But it was fun of course, but alone time is really important for me too).

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")