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I have nothing made of cotton in my bag. Gets wet and you freeze to death. I carry 2 spare sets of socks with liners, Buy oversize boots for wearing socks and liner at the same time. Keeps blisters at bay.I use the new military fleece and wool for my socks, long johns, pants and shirts. Outer wear is military also, light weight, durable and water proof. Depends on season what I carry and how heavy the clothing will be. In our SAR unit up here in North Idaho, I carry a new complete Antarctic winter suit with boots I scored at the local Veteran Standown. If you are a veteran goggle Stand Down and go score free gear.

And what if I may ask lol is an Antarctic winter suit with boots? I can see that for a blizzard but I’m wondering if its functional trudging thru the snow on a 20F day. I usually find myself overheating just skiing or working. Goth forbid I would ever have to snowshoe in that stuff. I’ve got an old canadian winter parka I use if the wind is blowing and bunny boots. My long underwear usually winds up Duofold because the military polypro feels like its suffocating me. But thats life in the cold I suppose. Going from one extreme to the other and never quite comfortable in either one lol.