Thats why the Middle easterners use the cell tactics ……………..you dont need a lot of people to be effective , just the right place , target , and time . I suggest WE the citizens , start thinking along the same lines , Cells are almost impossible to defeat , because they could be anybody , they go after a specific target , then melt back into the population once its done , then it starts all over again .

Soviet Partizans were such a pain in the ass to the Germans , that they actually tied up large amounts of  troops and equipment trying to keep their supply lines clear , troops and equipment that were needed at the battle of Kursk , Considering how our country is lacking infrastructure , think about how disruptive a single RR line in a remote area being blown up would cause , or a roadway bridge being rendered unusable for a short amount of time , considering how much we are dependent on trucking . The perp from the cell would be home safe and sound , hearing about it on the news like everybody else . Then there is the power thing . Nobody pays much attention to the ” homeless guy ” with a shopping cart sleeping under the overpass .  . .  Just Sayin