Just wondering why I don’t see the Amish using oxen. Plenty of mules and draft horses in teams, but no oxen. Cows generally are not as smart as a horses so I wonder if they are difficult to train. – 74

I got no idea. Not to be snarky, but did you ever ask them? I suppose I could, since they’re all over the place around here… I’ll make it a point to stop in at the Amish market down the road tomorrow and ask those folks why they use horses instead of oxen. Might be some religious thing, I dunno…

I had another guy I’m familiar with on a different site tell me that oxen are superior as far as plowing is concerned. They got a lower center of gravity and more brute strength and endurance. I know that cows are dumb as ****, but I got no experience with oxen. Not sure I would hook a favored horse up to a plow… horses tolerate folks, more or less, and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t like that…

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