I’m not too sure why the smaller knife should be a folder, seems like a Nessmuk concept to me (which is totally fine btw) but Mr. Janowsky does not mention having multiple blades in his folder.  For me, a second fixed blade in a sheath or otherwise attached to your body is adequate.  I would also throw in a multitool and a folding saw (both on my person) as well as a medium axe and a crook knife in my pack.  Generally a dedicated skinner and/or a fillet knife will also be in my pack depending if I’m in the field or on the water (or both).

That ends up as:

a Large and small fixed blade, saw and multi-tool on my person and

a medium axe, a crook knife a skinner and /or a fillet knife in my pack.


I could perform any chore with what’s on my person if I should lose the pack.  However, having the pack makes life easier and more pleasant.


This is similar to the “4 Tools Concept” by NativeSurvival:



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