For the most part, I agree with you. I know one guy who, for some reason, buys old horse drawn equipment and then sets them behind his barn for….? I have no idea what he’s doing with them. They just sit there, exposed to the elements, rusting away. If you’re going to invest in horse-drawn equipment, why not just buy new, working equipment and store it? But hey, it ain’t my money…

Most horses around here, being Kentucky, are quarter horses. But there are a few around who breed the bigger draft horses. As far as implements are concerned, there are blacksmiths around here of some talent. If you have one rusty old implement to work from, it can be duplicated. It might not be as refined as the older stuff was, but it doesn’t have to be pretty to work.

Your point about petroleum products is very valid. Most of the larger spreads around here have their own supplies of diesel of varying amounts. Biggest I’ve seen so far is about a thousand gallons of diesel. They could get by for awhile, depending on how frugal they are with their diesel. My little Redbelly runs on gasoline, but I have been exploring options to convert it to run on 100% ethanol. Most vegetable matter can be converted to ethanol, and we really only use the tractor for drilling holes, moving heavy things and bales of hay. Even gave thought to obtaining another Redbelly and doing a diesel engine conversion. Easy enough to do – folks been doing that since the 50’s.

My biggest fear is seed. Most folks around here don’t plant heirloom seeds. I do. Even the seeds sold in places like Tractor Supply and Southern States are not heirloom seeds… damn Monsanto and their GMO crap. That filth will wreak havoc on our food supply…

Folks will always be able to dig up dirt, turn soil, and plant seed. They’ve been doing that for millennia. It’ll just take them awhile to figure out how to do it again without diesel powered tractors…

By the way, pound for pound, I’d rather use an ox than a horse for plowing.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1