After having trouble with electricity in the house and still searching I landed up in the roof thinking some rats could have nibbled on something. I found that copper cable was stripped and stolen inside the roof. Left the outer plastic cover .. Only two people got paid to work in the roof recently. Unless someone sneaked in with a stepladder. My point today will be.. Time’s are changing. I’ve realized I can not trust anybody anymore. I will have to not only supervise every person inside my property – but limit visitors to almost nobody except family and very close friends.

I’m going to change door locks and add more doors to be locked inside the building, to make sure nobody travels to far unsupervised. Locks will be added to cupboards. Everything will have to have a place, neatly locked away.

On a higher note. I was wondering if more people “suffer” from depriving themselves from listening to music. I tend to sometimes not listen to music at night, simply because I want to hear if someone is trying to break into the house. With a small house in quiet neighborhood this is probably not a problem. But a big house in the city, you need to be alert. After a hard day I do need to relax, but always tend to turn the music down..