I had a G-21 for years, finally let it go (and the G20) as someone fell more in love with it than I was, going to get both again.
I prefer the 1911 platform, but being a gunsmith that’s one of my moneymakers. I carry a G30 about 50% of the time, when something smaller is warranted.

The Doubletap products and similar ammo tend to make me a bit uneasy, having done an autopsy on a Gen4 G-21 that had a case head failure on a friend. The pressures involved are just a bit too close to red line for comfort for me, having been in the industry for 25 years now, I’ve gotten more cautious as I’ve aged.

Here’s some pics of the result.


I’ve had case head failures before, thankfully with steel framed guns, hence my preference of them nowadays.