Without petroleum products, farms don’t operate today, period.

On balance, I agree with you, especially when you’re talking about Big Agra.

Even small farms today, almost none have the draft animals required to till the land, some have riding horses but those are hardly good plow animals.

The old horse drawn equipment is rusted solid and used for lawn ornaments.

The old equipment, yes. But there are still those who make new horse-drawn implements today. For what they are, the price is reasonable.



Very true, however if SHTF today, few could get those implements. Unless they buy now, and what farmer right now is going to put out that kind of cash for maybe?

No power, no juice to run the wells. There are almost no working windmills out there, and solar is problematic and expensive for this use.

Actually, there are. There are companies who still make traditional steel windmills that connect to either a wellhead or a mechanical aerator to render a pond oxygenated, agitate the water which prevents pond scum and allows for a greater population of fish… we’ll probably be buying at least one windmill this year for that very purpose. If I can get a well drilled, then we will be installing another windmill.

Same with the implements, having just left farming country for the mountains, I knew of only one ‘farm’ still running windmills, mostly tradition but also because the owner didn’t want to run that much power line (miles).

People from the cities want to take over the farms and run them. This should be required viewing.

Good luck to anyone who tries to “take over” my farm. I’ve already decided to use the Nuclear Option if it comes to that. Of course, what all that means is totally classified. It’s enough to know that the thieves will be very, very disappointed.

People living on once productive farmland are starving to death, because they are too stupid, lazy or just too ignorant to produce the most modest amount of food.

My vote is for “stupid” with “lazy” coming in a close second.

True story – aid workers would go to Africa with a cargo plane full of stuff – seed corn, livestock, farming implements, etc. They showed the locals in some village how to till the land, sow and grow corn, taught them animal husbandry, how to milk a cow, even dug them a nice well so they would have clean, fresh water…

Came back one year later and they had eaten all the seed corn and animals, sold the tools and bought God-knows-what and were using the well as a latrine. Cholera and dysentery were endemic, the locals bordering on starvation…


This mindset is what you see in most of the city folk, they don’t own anything, they don’t know how to raise anything, and they will try to take in this instance. Their success is going to depend on much, not just resistance.

I look at much of what is happening and has happened in places like Argentina, South Africa, Rhodesia and yes even ‘Yugoslavia’ as examples. And while there is a great deal of cultural differences, some of the similarities are striking.

Caution is the watchword, people must be aware of what might happen and plan accordingly.
Firearms are an integral part of my plan, although not the only part, they might not be a part of others.