Interesting yes.
Crystal ball material? Doubtful.

If you’ve been on a farm recently, most outside the “Amish/Mennonite” communities are beyond going back to the old ways. There are no old timers left in reality.
Without petroleum products, farms don’t operate today, period.

The old horse drawn equipment is rusted solid and used for lawn ornaments.
No power, no juice to run the wells. There are almost no working windmills out there, and solar is problematic and expensive for this use.

People from the cities want to take over the farms and run them. This should be required viewing.
You want a picture of how this will work, have a look at Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and South Africa where the farms have been redistributed to those who can’t/haven’t/won’t farm.
The farmland that was once the breadbasket of Africa is now sitting idle, ruined or in a few cases growing unsustainable crops.
People living on once productive farmland are starving to death, because they are too stupid, lazy or just too ignorant to produce the most modest amount of food.

Look closely, this is what you’ll see once the graineries are empty and city folk think they are going to take over.
Especially without resources.